Marmaris Kids Pony Riding

Marmaris Kids Pony Riding: A Magical Experience for Children

Unleash Your Child's Joy with Pony Riding

Join the Marmaris Kids Pony Riding tour for a delightful and enchanting experience designed especially for children. This tour offers a perfect blend of fun and learning, making it a top choice among Marmaris excursions for families and one of the most enjoyable things to do in Marmaris for kids.

Highlights of the Marmaris Kids Pony Riding

Tour Details

Gentle Ponies: Our well-trained and friendly ponies are perfect for children. They provide a safe and enjoyable riding experience that your kids will love.

Beautiful Riding Trails: Ride through scenic and safe trails designed specifically for children. The picturesque surroundings add to the charm of the experience.

Educational Fun: Children will learn basic riding skills and get an introduction to caring for ponies. Our professional guides ensure a fun and educational experience.

Family-Friendly Activity: This tour is perfect for families with young children. Parents can watch and take photos as their children enjoy the ride.

Memorable Moments: Create unforgettable memories as your children enjoy a magical pony-riding experience. The joy and excitement on their faces will be priceless.

Easy Booking and Convenient Transportation

Effortless Booking: Book here for up-to-date pricing and make a hassle-free reservation. You can pay online or to our friendly guides on the day of the tour.

Seamless Transportation: Our private transfer vehicles will pick you up from your accommodation and bring you to the riding site. After the pony ride, we’ll ensure a comfortable return to your location.

Book Your Kids Pony Riding Adventure Today!

Don’t miss out on the Marmaris Kids Pony Riding tour. Book now and give your children a magical experience they will treasure. Experience one of the best Marmaris excursions for families and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Tour Schedule

Tour Days: Everyday

Tour Hours: 10:00 - 12:00 - 14:00 - 16:00

Tour Duration: 2 Hours

What Is Including

·        Hotel Transfer

·        Full Insurance

·        Guidance Service

·        Pony Riding Training and Equipment


 (We do not have transfer service from Turunç, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Bozburun, and such regions.)

What Is Excluding

·        Food & Drinks

·        Personal Expenses

·        Photo and Video Shooting


What age is appropriate for children to ride ponies?

-Typically, children as young as 2 years old can start riding ponies with the assistance of an adult or instructor. However, the age at which a child is ready to ride independently can vary depending on the child's size, strength, and level of confidence. It's important to consult with a qualified instructor to determine when your child is ready to start riding independently.


Is it safe for children to ride ponies?

-Yes, when proper safety precautions are taken, riding ponies can be a safe and enjoyable activity for children. It's important to choose a reputable facility with well-trained ponies and experienced instructors. Children should always wear helmets and other protective gear and should be supervised by an adult or instructor at all times while riding. With these precautions in place, children can safely enjoy the fun and excitement of pony riding.

Things to Consider Before Marmaris Kids Pony Riding;

If you're planning to take your child on a pony riding tour in Marmaris, there are a few things you should consider to ensure that the experience is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Here are some things to keep in mind before you go: 

·        Age and Size Requirements: Be sure to check with the tour provider regarding the minimum age and size requirements for children to ride the ponies.

·        Safety Precautions: Safety should be a top priority when it comes to pony riding. Make sure that your child wears appropriate protective gear, including helmets and close-toed shoes.

·        Riding Experience: Consider your child's riding experience level when booking a tour. If your child is a beginner, it may be best to opt for a shorter, slower-paced tour with more guidance from the tour guide. For more experienced riders, longer and faster-paced tours may be more appropriate.

·        Weather Conditions: Keep an eye on the weather forecast before booking a pony riding tour. In Marmaris, the summer months can be quite hot, so it's important to choose a time of day when temperatures are more comfortable. Also, be aware of any potential rain or thunderstorms in the forecast, as these can cause tours to be canceled or rescheduled.

By considering these factors, you can help ensure that your child's pony-riding experience in Marmaris is safe, enjoyable, and memorable.

Reviews (3)

  • Marmaris Kids Pony Riding
    Marmaris Kids Pony Riding26-05-2023
    Marmaris Kids Pony RidingSarah Lee
    Our kids had an amazing time with the pony riding. The ponies were gentle, and the staff was great with the children. A fun and memorable experience for the whole family.
  • Marmaris Kids Pony Riding
    Marmaris Kids Pony Riding22-06-2023
    Marmaris Kids Pony RidingLuis Gomez U.K
    The kids loved every minute of the pony riding. It was safe, fun, and the perfect activity for young ones. Highly recommend this for families visiting Marmaris.
  • Marmaris Kids Pony Riding
    Marmaris Kids Pony Riding06-08-2023
    Marmaris Kids Pony RidingPeter Horváth
    Naše deti si jazdu na poníkoch veľmi užili. Poníky boli priateľské a personál bol skvelý s deťmi. Zábavný a nezabudnuteľný zážitok pre celú rodinu.

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