Marmaris Jeep Safari



Discover the thrill and beauty of Marmaris with our Marmaris Jeep Safari, one of the best Marmaris excursions available. Join us on this exciting adventure and explore the stunning nature and diverse landscapes of Marmaris. As a leading travel agency in Marmaris, we offer daily tours that provide an array of activities for you to enjoy.

During our Marmaris Jeep Safari, you'll have the opportunity to witness the unique characteristics of Marmaris and visit picturesque villages. Dive into a world of fun and adventure as you engage in water fights and explore the rugged terrains while surrounded by the scent of pine trees. This tour is designed to offer a blend of excitement and relaxation, allowing you to swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea and bask on the beautiful beaches of Marmaris.

At our travel agency, we prioritize your safety and comfort. Our 4x4 Jeeps, equipped with a capacity of 8-12 people, ensure a secure and enjoyable journey throughout the Marmaris Jeep Safari. We also provide convenient transfer services, picking you up from your preferred location and returning you after the tour.

To join our Marmaris Jeep Safari and other Marmaris daily tours, simply visit our website and make a pre-reservation request. Our easy and secure online payment options, including credit card, EFT, and money transfer, provide a hassle-free booking experience. As the best travel agency in Marmaris, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your satisfaction.

Your safety is our top priority during the Marmaris Jeep Safari tour. Our professional guides will provide detailed safety instructions, familiarize you with the routes, and ensure a safe and memorable experience. Rest assured that we have implemented comprehensive safety measures to guarantee your well-being.

Experience the thrill and beauty of Marmaris with our Marmaris Jeep Safari. Join us for one of the best Marmaris excursions and discover the incredible things to do in Marmaris. Book with the best travel agency in Marmaris today and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

Tour Details


First Route, Armutalan

The first stop on Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour is Armutalan, which is indispensable for our adventurous guests who like Off-Road experiences. We will give you a true safari experience with our 4x4 Jeep Safari vehicles in Armutalan, where you can feel like a part of a fairytale and dive into the depths of nature.

Turgut Village and Turgut Waterfall

The second stop on Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour is Turgut Village, which is 40 km away from Marmaris. When you arrive at the Turgut Village where there are organic products and carpet shops, you can buy some local products from local people and meet people who live a modern life in the natural atmosphere of Marmaris.

Jeep Safari Tour will continue with Turgut Waterfall. We believe you will be amazed when you arrive at Turgut Waterfall, which is a hidden paradise of Marmaris. You will take many pictures of the waterfalls in the depths of the forest and make everyone jealous of the beauty of your social media pictures.

You can have a delicious lunch with local tastes since you will get hungry because of all the adventure and fun you are having with the Marmaris Jeep Safari.

Orhaniye Village and Jesus Beach

The last stop in the Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour will be the Orhaniye Village, which has a great view of the outskirts of the Bybassos Ancient City with a history that goes back to B.C. 300. You will see Knight Island when you arrive at the famous bay with the red colored sand that lies in the middle of the sea like a bridge.

A Farewell to the Jeep Safari Marmaris Tour

We will drive you back to the location where we have picked you up with our 4*4 vehicles, after the Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour and end the day with the pleasure of giving you an experience that will live on your dreams.

Tour Schedule

Tour Days: Everyday

Tour Start Time: 09:30

Tour Finish Time: 16:00

What Is Including

·        Insurance

·        BBQ Lunch

·        Hotel Transfer

·        Guidance Service


(We do not have transfer service from Turunc, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Bozburun, and such regions.)

What Is Excluding

·        Personal Expenditures

·        Video & Photos

·        Water Pistols

·        Drinks


Where can I get a water gun for water warfare?

- Before the tour, you can rent the water guns in our jeeps from our drivers.


Is there a swimming break on the tour?

-Yes; You will have the opportunity to swim at Turgut Waterfall and Kızkumu Beach. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit with you.

Things you should take with you before the Jeep Safari Marmaris Tour:

   For you to have a more enjoyable safari experience, we would like to remind you of some things you should take with you when you join the Jeep Safari Tour. We think that this reminder will help you have a safer and more enjoyable tour. 

·        Due to heavy sun exposure, don’t forget to take sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses with you.

·        During the Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour, you will be swimming in the amazing beaches of Marmaris so don’t forget to take a backup towel, slippers, and a backup t-shirt with you.

·        We believe you may want to record all the beauty of nature and the songs of the birds during the Jeep Safari Tour. So, we would like to remind you to take your camera and your backup batteries with you.

·        Taking some protective cover for your electronic devices to protect them from mud and water would make you happier at the end of the Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour.

·        You can get recordings of yourselves from our professional camera crew at the end of the Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour.

·        If you have any medical condition, please speak to our crews before the Jeep Safari Tour.

Feel the Difference of Working With a TURSAB Member Agency;

You will benefit from the best guides who know best about the Aegean Region and the Marmara Region when you choose to work with our TURSAB member agency.

You may contact our agency 24/7 for all the questions you might have.

“Hoping to see you in Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour”

Reviews (4)

  • 23-05-2023
    Semih Savur
    Buranın düzenlediği jeep safari ve family buggy safari ile ailece eğlenmeye her sene geliyoruz. Bu sene de harika bir Marmaris gezisi gerçekleştirdik.. Buraya yolu düşen herkes mutlaka gelmeli.
  • 07-05-2023
    Aanya Gupta
    बहुत खुश होने पर व्यक्त किया जाने वाला बयान: वाह, दिलचस्प! :) I had an incredible time on the Marmaris Jeep Safari tour with my family of 12. The Jeep picked us up right on time from our hotel, and it was just our family in the Jeep, which made the experience even more special. The water fights during the tour were a hit with my nephews, and seeing their joy brought a smile to everyone's faces. My mother and grandmother were particularly happy, cherishing the laughter and bonding moments we shared as a family. Our driver was not only caring but also had a great sense of humor, making the journey even more enjoyable. The beauty of Jesus Beach and the impressive waterfall in the nature surrounding us left us in awe. It was a memorable adventure that brought our family closer together. Highly recommended!
  • 29-04-2023
    As a parent joining this tour with our 3, 6, and 11-year-old children, I must say it was an incredible experience. It was our first time visiting Turkey as a family since our children were born, and Marmaris has truly captured our hearts. We used to visit Alanya when we were younger, but this family-friendly atmosphere in Marmaris is something else. Our children's friends back in Dusseldorf were ecstatic when they heard about our jeep safari adventure. They were eagerly waiting for updates and couldn't wait to hear all about it. And let me tell you, it didn't disappoint! The joy and excitement on our children's faces were priceless. They were fully immersed in the experience, especially during the water fights. It was a delight to witness their laughter and happiness. I must also mention our driver, Apo. Not only was he a skilled and safe driver, but he also had a great sense of humor. He made the journey even more enjoyable with his entertaining stories and jokes. Overall, we had an amazing time on the tour. It exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't have asked for a better family adventure. Marmaris and its welcoming atmosphere truly stole our hearts. We'll definitely be recommending this tour to our friends and family back in Dusseldorf. Tashukriya, Marmaris! (Thank you, Marmaris!)
  • 17-08-2023
    Monika Senturk
    Very satisfied with Happy Tours. We have been very pleased with our guide Emre.He was very kind and responsive fast on whats app for our requests.Handled bookings very well and he came in person to bring us our tickets for trips.Also he came at mornings of our trip days,to be sure we have been picked up by acompanied agency car.We enjoyed Jeep Safari tour and watter battle was so much fun(we had very good jeep driver aswell)and also Marmaris boat trip.We recommend Emre excelent service to everybody.Than you very much

Happy Tours Turkey