Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip

Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip: Explore Nature and History

Discover the Wonders of Dalyan

Join the Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip for an unforgettable day of exploration and relaxation. This tour combines natural beauty, historical sites, and unique experiences, making it one of the most popular Marmaris excursions and a top choice among things to do in Marmaris.

Highlights of the Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip

Tour Details

Scenic River Cruise: Enjoy a picturesque boat ride along the Dalyan River, surrounded by lush greenery and stunning landscapes. The cruise itself is a serene and relaxing experience.

Caretta Caretta Turtles: Visit İztuzu Beach, a protected nesting site for the endangered Caretta Caretta turtles. If you're lucky, you might spot these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Ancient Rock Tombs: Marvel at the ancient Lycian rock tombs carved into the cliffs overlooking the Dalyan River. These impressive tombs date back to 400 BC and offer a fascinating glimpse into ancient history.

Mud Baths and Hot Springs: Take a dip in the therapeutic mud baths and hot springs. The mud is said to have healing properties and is a fun, unique experience for all ages.

Beautiful Beaches: Relax on the pristine sands of İztuzu Beach, known for its crystal-clear waters and scenic beauty. Perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the tranquil surroundings.

Local Wildlife: Explore the diverse flora and fauna of the Dalyan Delta, home to various bird species and other wildlife.

Easy Booking and Convenient Transportation

Effortless Booking: Book here for up-to-date pricing and make a hassle-free reservation. You can pay online or to our friendly guides on the day of the tour.

Seamless Transportation: Our private transfer vehicles will pick you up from your accommodation and bring you to the harbor. After the boat trip, we’ll ensure a comfortable return to your location.

Tour Schedule

Tour Days: Every Day

Tour Hours: 08:30 - 19:00

What Is Including

·         Lunch

·         Hotel Transfer

·         Full Insurance

·                  No extra charge for entry ( mud bath, small boat, etc)

·         Turkish and English Guidance Service 

(We do not have transfer service from Turunc, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Bozburun, and such regions.)

What Is Excluding

·         Personal expenses

·         Extra Food and Drinks

·         Private Photo and Video Shoots


What do you need to bring with you to the tour?

-Towel, Swimsuits, Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Camera.

Does the mud in Dalyan do any harm?

-Silver jewelry loses its color by reacting with mud. It is better to leave all your silver jewelry in your hotel room.


How do I get from Marmaris to Dalyan?
You can travel from Marmaris to Dalyan by boat, which is a scenic and enjoyable journey. Alternatively, you can take a bus.

Is it worth visiting Dalyan?
Absolutely! Dalyan offers a blend of natural beauty, historical sites, and unique experiences, making it a must-visit destination.

Where to see turtles in Marmaris?
The best place to see turtles near Marmaris is İztuzu Beach in Dalyan, a protected nesting site for the endangered Caretta Caretta turtles.

Marmaris to Dalyan by boat
Experience the scenic river cruise from Marmaris to Dalyan as part of our Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip.

Marmaris to Dalyan by bus
For those preferring land travel, we also offer the "Marmaris Dalyan & Köyceğiz Lake Tour," which includes bus transportation to Dalyan.


Looking for More Adventures?

 If a long boat journey seems tiring, consider our Marmaris Dalyan Tour by Bus, which includes similar activities but with bus transportation to Dalyan.

Explore Nearby Regions

If you are staying in İçmeler, be sure to check out our İçmeler excursions for more exciting activities nearby.


Don’t miss out on the Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip. Book now and prepare for a day filled with natural wonders, historical sites, and unique experiences. Experience one of the best Marmaris excursions and create unforgettable memories on the beautiful Dalyan River.


Reviews (5)

  • Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip
    Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip07-09-2023
    Marmaris Dalyan Boat TripChristopher Jones
    The Dalyan Boat trip was a highlight of our vacation. Swimming, exploring the mud baths, and observing the ancient rock tombs made for an unforgettable day.
  • Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip
    Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip14-05-2024
    Marmaris Dalyan Boat TripAgnes W.
    Such a unique experience! The boat ride was relaxing, and the sights were incredible. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend this tour.
  • Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip
    Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip14-06-2024
    Marmaris Dalyan Boat TripLinda Murphy
    Excellent Customer Service Emre was extremely helpful and helpful provided exceptional customer service. We had booked the Dalyan full day boat trip and our transfer driver had not arrived on time. Emre took care of everything so that we didn't miss the boat!!
  • Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip
    Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip21-05-2024
    Marmaris Dalyan Boat TripTim R.
    Trusted tour organisers, turtle beach, mud bath and spring water Completed the Marmaris boat tour, including turtle beach, tombs, mud bath and spring water. Great service from Emre, dropped tickets off to the hotel and even met us for our transfer, fantastic touch. To see the turtles head back to the river boats 15 mins before departure, trust me. Great day, well organised, no pressure either. Thanks so much. Family of 5, 3 young children ages 9, 11,12.
  • Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip
    Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip24-06-2024
    Marmaris Dalyan Boat TripDominik Sikorski
    We booked coupe trips .Marmaris boat trip ,Safari Jeep trip ,Dalyan boat trip and Turkish bath .Me and my family are very happy it was great fun . We saw lovely places and experienced wonderful moments. Thanks Emre for your help.

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