Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trıp

Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trıp

Mythological Projection of Golden Sands

If you're seeking exciting Marmaris excursions and things to do in Marmaris, our Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip is a must-try experience. Join us on this captivating tour and explore the legendary Cleopatra Island while enjoying the services of the best travel agency in Marmaris.

Discovering Cleopatra Island:

Embark on a historical journey with our Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip, a popular choice among Marmaris daily tours. Cleopatra Island, also known as Sedir Island, is a mythical paradise that attracts visitors from around the world. Its golden yellow sands, unique to this island, are believed to have been brought from Egypt by the renowned Roman commander Antonius as a gift for Cleopatra. Immerse yourself in the intriguing history and natural beauty of Cleopatra Island with our tour.

What to Expect on the Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip:

Our expertly crafted Marmaris daily tour program ensures a memorable experience for all participants. During the 7-hour journey, you'll have the opportunity to explore the picturesque coves surrounding Cleopatra Island and take refreshing swims in crystal-clear waters.

Highlights of the Cleopatra Boat Tour from Marmaris:

·        Enjoy the sun on the upper deck or find shade on the lower deck, equipped with tables for your convenience and entertainment.

·        Visit significant historical sites on Sedir Island, transporting you to a bygone era.

·        Experience the pristine golden yellow sands that grace Cleopatra Island and stroll along the specially designed wooden pathways.

·        Our route includes breathtaking stops such as Blue Bay, Ince Kum Beach, and Lighthouse Island, adding variety to your Marmaris daily tour.

·        Say goodbye to crowded beaches as you enjoy secluded bays and indulge in delectable meals prepared by our skilled chefs.

·        Benefit from the convenience of hotel pick-up and drop-off services, ensuring a seamless experience from beginning to end.

Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip Prices:

To plan your excursion, please refer to our website or contact our dedicated team for up-to-date Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip prices. We offer flexible payment options, allowing you to pay in advance or make a reservation without any upfront fees. Rest assured, there are no hidden charges during the booking process. Simply settle the tour fee with our friendly guides on the day of your Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip.

Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip Transportation:

At our esteemed travel agency in Marmaris, we prioritize your comfort and convenience. Our private air-conditioned vehicles will pick you up from your desired location, ensuring a hassle-free journey to Cleopatra Island. After the boat tour, we'll safely transport you back to your accommodation, ensuring a relaxing end to your adventure.

Make the Most of Your Marmaris Daily Tours:

Uncover the hidden treasures of Cleopatra Island and create unforgettable memories during your Marmaris excursions. Choose our Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip, offered by the best travel agency in Marmaris, and immerse yourself in the mythical beauty that awaits you. Book your tour now and embark on an extraordinary journey filled with history, nature, and enchantment.

Tour Details


Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip; is held between May and October every year. It is one of the most preferred private yacht tours, especially by the tourists who make their vacation in Marmaris. Cleopatra Island, where the spirit of Apollo spreads around, attracts lovers with its experiences surrounded by history and its unique beach and has an atmosphere that fascinates its visitors.

The following routes are included in our Marmaris Cleopatra Island Tour program, which is also known as the Sedir Island Boat Tour;

    Ince Kum Beach

    Blue Bay

    Cleopatra Island / Sedir Island


Ince Kum Beach;

Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip will first start with Ince Kum Beach, covered with fine sand and pine trees sculpted by the wind. You can sunbathe on Ince Kum Beach, which gives the feeling of reaching a tropical island, and you can swim and cool off in the clean sea.

Blue Bay;

The second stop of the Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip, which is adorned with magnificent bays, will be Lacivert Bay. As you approach the Blue Bay, you will better understand where it got its name from, and you will be impatient to jump into the sea from the boat in the natural space of the pine trees surrounding it. You will enjoy listening to the silence and peace in Blue Bay, which is very difficult to reach by land.

Cleopatra Island - Sedir Island - Love Island;

Cleopatra Island, which has many names, will be our main destination after the wonderful bays we see during Marmaris& Sedir Island Boat Trip. As you approach Cleopatra Island, you will feel the breeze touching your face.

When you arrive at Cleopatra Island, you can easily walk around the island and walk on its golden beach. Since the special sands of Cleopatra Beach are under protection, you are only allowed to walk in the private areas on this beach.

At the main stop of the Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip, you can taste the local flavors of the island, buy souvenirs, and share your happiness with your loved ones on the swimmable beach of Cleopatra Island.

You can see the historic castle on Sedir Island and the church with the Temple of Apollo on it, you can visit the theater that has survived intact, the Agora, and the ruins of the ancient ports of Cleopatra Island.

After the wonderful times you will spend among the historical and natural beauties during Marmaris Cleopatra Boat Trip, we will go on the way back.

Tour Schedule

Tour Days: Everyday

Tour Begining: 09:30

Tour Ending: 17:30

What Is Including

·        Insurance

·        BBQ Lunch

·        Hotel Transfer

·        Guiding Service

·        Unlimited Drinks (Soft Drinks - Tea - Fanta - Coke - Water)



(We do not have transfer service from Turunc, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Bozburun, and such regions.)

What Is Excluding

·        Personal Expenditures

·        Extra Food and Drinks

·        Photo and Video Shoots

·        Sedir Island Entrance Fee


Can we swim from the beach on Sedir Island?
-Yes, although the beach is under protection due to the special structure of the sand, you can swim in the bay where the beach is, thanks to the platform created later.

I know that there are many historical places on Sedir Island, will we have the opportunity to visit them?
-Yes, we take a break on the island, which takes a total of 2 hours. You will have enough time to explore the Ancient Agora, Church, Theater, and Walls.

What You Need to Know Before Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip ;

   We would like to make some additional reminders so that you can have a comfortable experience during the Cleopatra Island Boat Tour from Marmaris;

    Do not forget to bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and slippers.

    Since our return can be cool, it will be comfortable to take thick clothes with you.

    Don't forget your swimsuit and towel.

    We recommend that you get protective equipment for your electronic devices.

    During the Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip, you can access the images recorded by our professional photographer at the end of the tour.

    We kindly ask you to inform our guides about your ailments like heart conditions, diabetes, etc. before the Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip.

With Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip, you will once again admire the beauties of Marmaris and its surroundings, and you will better understand the value of living while sailing to the eternal union of the sun and the sea.

Experience the Privilege of Working with Türsab Member Agency;

When you choose our company, which is a member of TÜRSAB, you will benefit from the quality of our company and our guides who are well-informed and know the Aegean Region and Marmaris surroundings best.

You can contact our company 24/7 for any questions you may have.

“Hope to see you in our Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip Program”

Reviews (2)

  • 16-05-2023
    Laura Rodríguez
    We had the most incredible time on the Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Tour with our family! The crystal-clear waters and stunning views left us in awe. Exploring Sedir Island and relaxing on the pristine beach of Cleopatra was truly a magical experience. The tour was well-organized, and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Our whole family enjoyed swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing along the beautiful coastline. It was a day filled with laughter, adventure, and unforgettable memories. We highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for a fun-filled day in Marmaris!
  • 13-05-2023
    David Gradon
    We had an absolutely enchanting experience on the Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Tour as a couple! Swimming in the same waters where the legendary couple Mark Antony and Cleopatra once swam together was incredibly exciting and romantic. The stunning beauty of Cleopatra Island and its clear turquoise waters created the perfect backdrop for our memorable day. We enjoyed exploring the ancient ruins, sunbathing on the golden sand, and snorkeling in the vibrant marine life. This tour exceeded our expectations and provided us with an unforgettable adventure. We highly recommend it to couples seeking a romantic and extraordinary experience in Marmaris!

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