Turunc Canoeing Tour

Turunc Canoeing Tour: Paddle Through Paradise

Explore the Serene Waters with Turunc Canoeing

Join the Turunc Canoeing Tour for a tranquil and scenic adventure on the beautiful waterways near Gokova. This peaceful activity is perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, making it one of the most relaxing Turunc excursions and a unique option among things to do in Turunc.

Highlights of the Turunc Canoeing Tour

Tour Details

Scenic Paddling Routes: Navigate through calm and picturesque waters, surrounded by lush greenery and stunning landscapes. Enjoy the beauty of Gokova from a unique perspective.

Wildlife Spotting: Keep an eye out for local wildlife as you paddle along the serene waterways. You may encounter various bird species, fish, and other aquatic creatures.

Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a beginner, our experienced guides will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Basic paddling instructions and safety briefings are provided.

Relaxing and Refreshing: Canoeing offers a great way to unwind and connect with nature. Enjoy the gentle rhythm of paddling and the soothing sounds of the water.

Group and Solo Adventures: Perfect for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Share the experience with friends and family or enjoy a peaceful solo paddle.

Beautiful Stopovers: Take breaks at scenic spots along the route. Relax on the riverbanks, take in the views, and even enjoy a picnic if you like.

Easy Booking and Convenient Transportation

Effortless Booking: Visit our website for current pricing and easy booking. Reserve your spot with a few clicks, and choose to pay online or directly to our guides on the day of the tour.

Hassle-Free Transfers: For guests staying in Turunc, we offer pick-up services at an additional cost, bringing you to our pick-up point in İçmeler. Alternatively, you can meet us directly in Marmaris or İçmeler. After the canoeing adventure, we’ll ensure a comfortable return to Marmaris or İçmeler where you can explore further or catch a return to Turunc at your leisure.

Tour Schedule

Tour Days: Every Day

Tour Sessions: 10:00 - 12:00 - 14:00 - 16:00

What Is Including

·        Insurance

·        Hotel Transfer (one way-additional fee)

·        English Guidance Service

·        Canoe and Safety Equipment 

 (We do not have transfer service from Turunc, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Bozburun and such regions.)

What Is Excluding

·        Food and Drinks

·        Personal Expenditures

·        Private Photo and Video Shoots


How fast can you go by canoe?

- Your speed in the canoe; Depending on various factors such as the speed of the current, wind conditions, and the skill level of the kayakers, it can go up to about 2-4 knots per hour for a slow pace and up to about 4-6 knots for a moderate pace. 

 How many people fit in a canoe?

-We have single and double models in our facility.


For you to have a comfortable experience during the Turunc Canoeing Tour, we would like to give you, our esteemed guests, important information that will be useful to you before the Turunc Canoeing Tour; 

● We recommend that you take sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat with you to protect yourself from the bright sun of Marmaris during the season.

● Since you will be swimming and getting wet a lot during the Turunc Canoeing Tour, having spare swimsuits and towels will make you comfortable.

● If you are going to use your electronic devices, do not forget to carry cases that will protect your devices from water and buy a spare charging unit.

● If you just want to experience the day during the Turunc Canoeing Tour, you can buy the recordings that our professional photographers will take at the end of the Turunc Canoeing Tour at affordable prices.

● If you have a serious illness, please inform our guides before the Turunc Canoeing Tour.

● We would like to reiterate that our guests of all ages can join the Turunc Canoeing Tour.

To gift yourself and your loved ones a comfortable and unique experience with the Turunc Canoeing Tour, make an early reservation on our website and contribute to your budget in advance.

Book Your Canoeing Adventure Today!

Don’t miss out on the Turunc Canoeing Tour. Book now and embark on a serene and scenic journey through the waterways of Turunc. Discover why this is one of the best Turunc excursions and a must-do among things to do in Turunc. Experience the tranquility and beauty of nature as you paddle through paradise.

Reviews (3)

  • Turunc Canoeing Tour
    Turunc Canoeing Tour13-07-2022
    Turunc Canoeing TourAnanya Rao
    Canoeing Tour from Turunc was an unforgettable experience. The scenery was beautiful, and it was a perfect way to relax and connect with nature. Highly recommended!
  • Turunc Canoeing Tour
    Turunc Canoeing Tour18-07-2023
    Turunc Canoeing TourDmitri Volkov
    We had a wonderful time on the Turunc Canoeing Tour. The guides were knowledgeable, and the entire experience was serene and enjoyable. The one-hour canoe ride felt a bit short because we were having such a great time. The staff was very attentive, and we would have loved for it to last longer. We were captivated by the beauty of Gökova and can't wait to return.
  • Turunc Canoeing Tour
    Turunc Canoeing Tour10-09-2023
    Turunc Canoeing TourMiriam Green
    Paddling through the tranquil waters of Gokova was a highlight of our trip. The wildlife spotting was fantastic, and the scenic views were breathtaking. An amazing tour for nature lovers!

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