Icmeler Family Buggy



Would you like to stop time with your loved ones among the hidden natural beauties of Icmeler on your Icmeler holiday with Icmeler Family Buggy Safari? We thought so too and we have prepared a wonderful Icmeler Family Buggy Safari Tour for you, where you will be fascinated with different experiences in Icmeler nature.

During Icmeler Family Buggy, you can have pleasant moments combined with adventure in our 4-person Buggy Safari all-terrain vehicles with your friends or family, and you can enjoy the inaccessible areas in and around Icmeler to the fullest.

Daily Family Buggy Safari Transfer and Transportation from Icmeler;

At the beginning of the Daily Family Buggy Safari Tour from Icmeler, we take you, our valued guests, from the hotels and apartments you have specified before, with our private air-conditioned vehicles and transfer you to the event area where the Icmeler Family Buggy Safari tour will take place.

At the end of Icmeler Family Buggy, we transfer you to the points you stay in the same way, free of charge.

Icmeler Daily Family Buggy Prices and Pre-Tour Reservation;

For Icmeler Daily Family Buggy participation procedures, you can easily choose Icmeler Family Buggy among our daily Icmeler tours by entering our website, and you can quickly create your pre-reservation request. An e-ticket will be sent to your e-mail address by our company and your transactions will be completed quickly.

You can pay the Icmeler Family Buggy event fee online with the "Credit Card, EFT, and Money Transfer" options, or you can pay it to our guides who can meet you before the tour day.

Tour Details


Our Icmeler Family Buggy program takes place in 4 sessions between 10:00 and 18:00 during the day. Our guests, who stay in Icmeler, are taken from the addresses they specified during the registration process with our transfer service, which is included in the prices of Icmeler Family Buggy, and they are transported to the area where the Icmeler Family Buggy will be built.

When you reach the Buggy Safari activity area, which is located in Degirmenyanı on the Marmaris - Datca highway, our guides and trainers will welcome you and inform you about the safety details of the Icmeler Family Buggy Safari Tour.

When all the safety precautions are taken, you and your loved ones will go to Family Buggy Safari vehicles for four people and you will start to experience fun-filled moments embracing adventure in the unique nature of Icmeler.

You will pass over the waters on the special Buggy Safari track prepared for Icmeler Family Buggy, and you will be happy to come to Icmeler again among the muddy waters splashing on you.

During your Buggy Safari ride, which lasts for a total of 1 hour, you will notice how your laughter increases as you pass through the bumpy bumps of the track specially prepared for Family Buggy Safari vehicles.

At the end of Icmeler Family Buggy Safari, we will be transferring you, our valued guests, to the places you stay around Icmeler, free of charge, with the same vehicles.

Tour Schedule

Tour Days: Every Day

Tour Sessions: 10:00 – 12:00 – 14:00 – 16:00

Tour Duration: 3 Hours

What Is Including

·        Insurance

·        Hotel Transfer

·        Guidance Service

(We do not have a transfer service from Turunc, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Bozburun, and such regions.)

What Is Excluding

·        Food and drinks

·        Personal Expenditures

·        Photo and Video Shooting

·        Family Buggy Safari Equipment


Who can drive buggy vehicles, do I need a driver's license?

- Since our Family Buggy track is in a traffic-free area, you do not need a driver's license, but for your safety, our guests under the age of 14 can only join this tour as passengers.

 At the end of the tour, I only have a return service to the hotel; Can I go somewhere else?

- At the end of the tour, we can drop you off at any place in the city with our return transfer service. Since many of our customers want to go to the hammam after this tour, we encounter this demand a lot. If you want to attend the Hamam event after the tour, you can make a reservation by clicking here.


Security measures are one of our sensitive points in Icmeler Family Buggy. Since our guides and instructors will be with you throughout Icmeler Family Buggy, you can get support from them in every matter. It is extremely important for us that you have a pleasant Icmeler Family Buggy experience with your loved ones. For this reason, we would like to inform you about important issues with Icmeler Family Buggy.

● You will decide who will drive the Family Buggy Safari during Icmeler Family Buggy Safari. You will understand better after the initial training that our Family Buggy Safari vehicles, which do not require any license or experience, are very easy to use.

● We provide driver assistance to our guests who do not want to use Family Buggy Safari vehicles. It is enough to inform us before participation.

● Children under the age of 14 cannot use our Icmeler Family Buggy Safari vehicles.

● For safety reasons, it is mandatory for our passengers under 6 years old to wear a helmet during the Family Buggy Safari Tour.

● Do not forget to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and spare clothes with you.

● We recommend that you wear water-resistant shoes to use our Family Buggy Safari vehicles comfortably.

● We recommend that you protect your electronic items during Icmeler Family Buggy Safari. At the end of the tour, you can buy your images reflecting your happy moments for the day at an affordable price.

● If you have a serious illness, do not forget to get information from our company before you join the Icmeler Family Buggy Safari Tour.

● Please contact our company for special events that you want to attend “with the group”.

Experience the Difference of Working with Türsab Member Agency;

When you choose our company, which is a member of TÜRSAB, you will benefit from the experience of our company and our guides who are well-informed and know the Aegean Region and Marmaris surroundings best.

You can contact our company 24/7 for any questions you may have.

“Become a Part of an Unforgettable Experience with Your Loved Ones with Icmeler Family Buggy”

Reviews (2)

  • 17-05-2023
    Ahmed Alawi
    I had a fantastic time on the Icmeler Family Buggy trip with my brother and his children as an uncle. The kids had an absolute blast getting dirty and wet during the ride. The track was exceptionally well prepared, ensuring a thrilling experience for all of us. The facility met all our needs, and the staff, especially Emrah, took excellent care of us throughout the tour. Their caring and friendly attitude made the adventure even more enjoyable. I highly recommend this tour to families seeking an exciting and memorable experience.
  • 29-04-2023
    Ethan Smith
    I had a fantastic time on the Icmeler Family Buggy trip with my large English group. The kids were absolutely thrilled, laughing and having a blast as they got covered in mud and soaked. It was a joy to see them so happy. The tour track was expertly designed for maximum fun, and exploring the forest added an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience. Both the wives and the men in our group had a fantastic time too. We couldn't help but laugh and bond over the exhilarating adventure. I want to express my gratitude to the staff, especially Atilla and Amca, for their attentive and friendly service throughout the tour. I recommend bringing extra clothing if you wish to attend this trip because the mud and water play may become fairly filthy (in the greatest manner imaginable!). Dust masks and dust glasses can be provided if desired, however I want to emphasize that the facility sells them at reasonable pricing. Overall, I would strongly suggest this tour to any family seeking a memorable and entertaining experience.

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