The Best Beach Excursions Near Marmaris

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The Best Beach Excursions Near Marmaris

Discover the Best Beach Excursions Near Marmaris with Happy Tours Turkey

Marmaris, nestled along Turkey’s stunning Turquoise Coast, is renowned for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. Whether you're a local or a tourist, planning a beach excursion can enhance your Marmaris experience. Happy Tours Turkey is here to answer all your questions and help you book the perfect beach getaway.

Where Can I Book Excursions to the Best Beaches Near Marmaris?

Booking excursions to the best beaches near Marmaris is a breeze with Happy Tours Turkey. Our office, located in the heart of Marmaris, offers a variety of beach excursions tailored to your preferences. For added convenience, you can also book directly through our website at, where you'll find detailed descriptions and reviews of each excursion.

What Are the Top-Rated Beach Excursions in Marmaris?

Happy Tours Turkey prides itself on offering top-rated beach excursions that cater to all kinds of travelers. Popular options include trips to Iztuzu Beach, known for its family-friendly atmosphere, and Cleopatra Island, famous for its unique sand and historical significance. Each excursion is carefully curated to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

How Can I Book a Beach Excursion Online Before Arriving in Marmaris?

To secure your spot on one of our beach excursions before you arrive in Marmaris, visit our website at Our online booking system is user-friendly and allows you to browse available excursions, check availability, and make secure payments. Booking in advance ensures you won’t miss out on your preferred beach adventure.

Do Beach Excursions from Marmaris Include Transportation?

Yes, all beach excursions booked through Happy Tours Turkey include convenient transportation. We provide pick-up and drop-off services from your accommodation in Marmaris, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Our comfortable and air-conditioned vehicles will take you to and from the beach, allowing you to relax and enjoy your day.

What Are the Payment Options for Booking Beach Excursions in Marmaris?

Happy Tours Turkey offers flexible payment options to make booking your beach excursion as easy as possible. You can pay securely online using credit or debit cards, including Visa and Mastercard, via IYZICO. If you prefer, you can pay in cash at our office or arrange to meet us in front of your hotel in Marmaris or Icmeler.

What Are the Most Affordable Beach Excursions in Marmaris?

We understand that budget is an important consideration when planning your beach day. Happy Tours Turkey offers a range of affordable beach excursions without compromising on quality. Popular budget-friendly options include visits to Iztuzu Beach and Blue Lagoon Beach (Fethiye), where you can enjoy the sun and sea without breaking the bank.

Are There Any Blue Flag Beaches Included in Excursions from Marmaris?

Yes, several of our beach excursions include visits to Blue Flag beaches, renowned for their cleanliness, water quality, and environmental standards. One such excursion takes you to Iztuzu Beach, a picturesque Blue Flag beach ideal for swimming and sunbathing. These excursions ensure you enjoy some of the best and safest beaches near Marmaris.

What Are the Best Beaches for Families Included in Excursions from Marmaris?

Happy Tours Turkey offers several family-friendly beach excursions perfect for a day out with the kids. Blue Lagoon Beach is a top choice, featuring calm waters, ample amenities, and a welcoming atmosphere for families. Additionally, our excursions to Cleopatra Island provide a mix of historical exploration and beach fun, making it an educational and enjoyable outing for all ages.

Exploring the Best Beaches Near Marmaris

Exploring the best beaches near Marmaris is easy and enjoyable with Happy Tours Turkey. Whether you're looking for top-rated beach spots, affordable options, or family-friendly locations, we have something for everyone. Here are some of the top beach excursions to consider:

1. Iztuzu Beach

Known for its pristine sands and turquoise waters, Iztuzu Beach is a favorite among families and nature lovers. The beach is also famous for its role as a nesting site for the endangered Caretta Caretta turtles. Enjoy a day of sunbathing, swimming, and wildlife spotting on this beautiful beach.

2. Cleopatra Island

Famed for its unique sand that is said to have been brought from Egypt by Mark Antony for Cleopatra, Cleopatra Island offers a blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue. Swim in the crystal-clear waters, explore ancient ruins, and enjoy a relaxing boat trip to and from the island.

3. Blue Lagoon Beach (Fethiye)

Located in nearby Fethiye, the Blue Lagoon Beach is renowned for its calm, shallow waters and stunning scenery. Perfect for families, this beach offers a safe and enjoyable environment for swimming and other water activities. The surrounding area also has plenty of amenities, including cafes and restaurants.

4. Turunc Beach

A short boat trip from Marmaris, Turunc Beach is a quieter option with clear waters and a relaxed atmosphere. Ideal for a peaceful day by the sea, this beach is perfect for those looking to escape the busier tourist spots. The boat trip to Turunc also provides beautiful views of the coastline.

5. Amos Beach

Nestled in a small bay near the ancient city of Amos, Amos Beach offers a mix of history and relaxation. The beach is surrounded by historical ruins and provides a unique setting for a day of sunbathing and swimming. The clear waters are perfect for snorkeling, allowing you to explore the underwater world.

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